Are you the type of person who likes to arrive at your destination on time, without stress and in comfort? If so, then our car service is definitely the far more preferable option to using rideshare apps like Uber and Lyft. There are a few common misconceptions about using a car service which isn’t true, and once you’ve taken a few drives in our luxurious chauffeur driven vehicles, we guarantee you won’t be looking back. So, what are the top three reasons to opt for a car service?

1. Get Yourself A Stress-Free Ride

Arriving at that all-important meeting, client pitch, job interview, or big date – whatever the occasion, the one thing you don’t want to suffer from is stress from whether a rideshare will be around or cancel on you at the last minute. It’s not just the big moments in life either. We all live highly pressured, always-on lives in this day and age and the last thing we need is additional pressure on top from travel plans that have gone wrong or delayed. When you use a chauffeur service, stress is taken out of the equation. Instead of logging onto an app and hoping there are some available drivers to give you a ride, why not book in ahead of time with our both desktop and mobile friendly website that automatically generates prices and rest assured that a uniformed and courteous chauffeur will be there just when you need them? A limousine company is also a much more reliable way to travel. Drivers for rideshare app are contractors – therefore if they go off sick or go to another job, there are no guarantees that you’re going to be able to get the ride you need. With a limousine service, all drivers are employed securely and centrally managed to be sure that the customer is always put first. Chauffeurs are held to the highest standards to ensure a consistent and professional service for you.

2. Get Clarity On The Price

Planning ahead means that you won’t be subject to demand-driver fluctuations in fair price either – you’ll know exactly what your journey is costing ahead of time, meaning you don’t have to worry about the cost. That is because our automated price generator will tell you the total before you book your chauffeur service and if you need additional added service later the billing system will automatically update. In addition to that, once you book your chauffeur service you will get a reservation confirmation that states all your service info including chauffeur’s name, vehicle, locations and prices broken down to simplify for our clients. Most of the ride-sharing apps include a price ‘estimate’ when you book, but it’s just that – an estimate. There are lots of additional costs that can occur between booking and final payment. Elements beyond your control, such as heavy traffic and road delays means that the initial price you are quoted may actually be way off – and the money is taken automatically, meaning you have to go through a lengthy dispute process if you feel unfairly treated. With a car service, the price is upfront and agreed beforehand – so there will be no nasty surprises waiting at the end of your journey. Our chauffeur will wait for you, take you to your destination on time, and if arranged, wait for you or collect you at a later point. So you can focus on what you’re there to do, rather than how you’re getting home. Many people think that car services are expensive, but actually depending on your pattern of travel they can provide an extremely convenient and cost-effective way of getting around. Including, coming up with agreed upon deals if you will be using it frequently and Camargo Chauffeur is always coming up with new products to make travel much easier such as, our monthly package for clients living in downtown Boston, flat rates to specific desired destinations and many more!

3. Keep It Safe

Security is always a paramount concern, and there have been plenty of stories of people being attacked by drivers working for rideshare services. The real problem is that almost anyone can be accepted to drive for a firm like Uber, and the volume of traffic means that new recruits aren’t vetted very well, leading to a number of shocking incidents hitting the headlines. With a chauffeur service, you are guaranteed to experience professionalism. In fact chauffeur companies have been trusted and been around since automobiles were first released to transport clients safely around. Our chauffeurs are thoroughly checked, qualified, trained, and have been chauffeuring for many years to ensure the highest level of service. When you use a rideshare service you never know how long your driver has been qualified and that they have the right insurance (in which most likely not since most of them have regular plates and not livery plates) in place. With a limousine service, the vehicle and the chauffeur are always fully insured with the right coverage policies for your peace of mind. We provide the latest navigational tools so that your driver is always on the right route and is up to date with any traffic incidents which may affect your journey. Our rigorous training ensures that your journey is secure and incident-free – and whether you’re traveling solo or in a group, this is always a priority. Our vehicles are checked and maintained on a regular schedule so they are also safe, and our journeys enable you to relax, arrive safely, and get on with the rest of your day.

Chauffeur service is the guaranteed way of arriving securely, on time, also enjoying comfort and arriving in style – book one today to experience it for yourself.

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