Whenever you’re involved with any kind of traveling that calls for arriving at an airport destination, the ideal situation is to have someone there waiting to pick you up. Of course, that’s not always convenient, because family members and business associates are often tied up with concerns of their own. In situations like these, the next best thing is to have a car service booked, so you can be picked up right at the airport for a stress-free arrival.

This will allow you to sit back and relax, and simply leave all the driving and all the worrying to your chauffeur. Airports can get very hectic, and it can be difficult to arrange for having a taxi, or Uber or Lyft to transport you. That makes having a car service one of the very best ways you can arrange for, so that you can let someone else handle all the transportation details, while you focus on other matters. Here are some of the things you should be aware of to keep your car service pickups and drop-offs as smooth as possible.

Don’t lose your confirmation number

After you’ve booked a car service for a drop-off or pick up from the airport, make sure to print out a copy of your confirmation agreement, or at least write it down somewhere so that it can’t be lost or forgotten. One good idea is to write it down somewhere in your phone, because you’ll always have your phone on you, so it can be easily retrieved. If there is ever any kind of confusion associated with your reservation, you’ll be able to produce your confirmation number to clear things up quickly.

Make sure the car service has your phone number

If any complications arrive arise with your car service reservation, you will certainly want to be informed about it by the service company. That means you need to make sure they have a phone number you can be reached at all the time, in case it becomes necessary. As an example, it may not have been clearly stated where you want to be picked up from, before you are driven to the airport. If you don’t have your phone on you, or if it isn’t charged up, they won’t be able to reach you, and that whole connection will be lost. If the car service company doesn’t ask you for your phone number, make sure you provide it to them anyway so they’ll be able to reach you on demand.

Keep your chauffeur informed

There are situations where your flight may be delayed, which would cause you to arrive late at your destination airport. When something like this happens, make sure to keep your chauffeur fully informed of such developments, so they can react to it. Chances are, your chauffeur is already watching the flight information on a monitor at the airport anyway, but you should be sure about it, and contact your chauffeur if any changes happen to your flight plans. If your flight should be canceled altogether, make sure to contact the car service company and make alternate arrangements for a pickup.

Allow extra time for international flights

It always takes much longer to board an international flight than it does a domestic one. You’ll probably have to go through several lines at your departure airport and again at your arrival airport, since there will be Customs to go through, as well as additional security. Make sure to allow extra time when you’re scheduling your car service for pickup or drop-off when an international flight is involved. Your car service should already have your flight information, but it’s worth double checking on an international flight, because you’re very likely to be held up on both ends of the flight.

Your chauffeur will probably know where to pick you up, but you should still make a point of informing him/her exactly which gate you’ll be arriving at. After a long international flight, the last thing you’ll need is a long delay at the airport, and some kind of mix up regarding your car service pickup. To be sure there are no misunderstandings about pickups, ask your chauffeur to hold up a sign with your name on it, so that you can easily identify your personal driver.

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