A professional chauffeur may seem something of a luxury to many. However, with competitive pricing now the norm and for those people who want to make a great first impression, chauffeured transportation could give you that air of extravagance to your travel plans. Consider the sort of chauffeur service that you require. A private vehicle with a professional chauffeur may be enough or maybe you want to go the extra mile and secure a limo for you and your pals. At the very least, you want a luxury car, a professional driver and a reliable service. If you fancy experiencing the height of luxury with chauffeured transportation, take a look at the fall events that you could travel in style to.

1. Latin Quarter Art Walk

If you are keen to partake in a spot of culture this fall, consider a socially distanced meet-up with pals at the Latin Quarter Art Walk. This incredible heritage trail takes place from mid-September through until October with walks taking place daily. Rock up celebrating Latinx Heritage Month in style with a limo for you and your nearest and dearest. You can enjoy a self-guided audio tour and you can explore the history and heritage of eleven incredible pieces of public art in the neighborhood. This is a great way to keep fit, enjoy the outdoors, and get your culture vulture fix. You can even tag yourself in an art selfie, upload your pic to Instagram, and be in with a chance to win a $100 gift card for a local business.

2. Boston Columbus Day Parade

Unless you have been living under a rock for your entire life, you can’t fail to have noticed the awesome annual Columbus Parade that takes place every October. A great celebration of Boston’s Italian heritage and Christopher Columbus’s exploration of the Americas, the parade is a colorful fun-filled day out. You could book some chauffeured transportation to get you to the parade nice and early, so you can find the perfect spot on Hanover Street. You want the best view so get there in good time to see the brass bands, the duck boat floats, and the classic cars.

3. Head Of The Charles Regatta

Since 1965, the Head of the Charles Regatta has seen rowers of all abilities flock down to the Charles river. Falling on the penultimate weekend of October, you could attend the regatta as a spectator. Many people use this as an excuse to get dressed up. Hire a limo and arrive in luxury as you take a prime spot to watch the event on the river. This two-day event brings a whopping $70 million to the local economy. You can watch single and group events from all different abilities. Schools, colleges, rowing clubs from across the US turn up to compete alongside US national team rowers. This makes for an eclectic and exciting weekend of races on the Charles river.

4. Institute Of Contemporary Art

For those art lovers among you, why not take a foray into the world of all things surreal and modernist? Take a luxury day trip with pals and enjoy taking in the sculpture and paintings at this awesome waterfront museum. While select galleries are still closed due to social distancing difficulties, there are plenty of exhibits, like Sterling Ruby’s phenomenal exploration into American craft that are open to the public from late September. If you are already a member, you can get early access to the exhibits.

5. A Special Celebration

If you are after some luxury transport for a special celebration, consider hiring a limo to take you to a one-off ninety-minute walking tour of Beacon Hill. For the thrill-seeker in your family, this haunted and horror-filled walking tour could be perfect. For a birthday that might be coming up in the fall, this event could be an ideal gift. The ghoulish true tales are told by a knowledgeable guide as you take to the Boston streets. You’ll head down the darkest alleys, the untrodden paths, and the neighborhood no-go zones as you explore the more murderous and haunted side of Boston. Many people rock up in their favorite horror-inspired costumes. And, as you’ll be walking for ninety minutes, it pays to wear your most comfortable walking boots.

You don’t have to be super-wealthy to hire a chauffeur. Look at it as a special treat when you hire a limo and enjoy getting to know the services that your local chauffeured transportation firm provides.

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