COVID-19 has certainly affected us all around the world, but it’s important to try and bring back some degree of normality where possible. Whether it’s spending time with your partner or getting yourself back onto the dating scene, there’s plenty that you can still do in and around with a Boston Chauffeur. Here are six ideas for your next Boston date night during COVID-19. Boston Datenight

Have A Socially-Distanced Picnic

If you’re living in the same household as your partner, you won’t need to do the socially distanced aspect of this date idea. It’s a great time of year to be enjoying the lighter evenings, so perhaps a trip to a local park is in order. Create a picnic hamper with your partner or split the responsibility between you and your date to bring a selection of snacks and drinks. Boston Common is a popular spot, as is the Boston Public Garden. It can be great to just sit down and enjoy a budget-friendly date night. Obviously, it’s not the same as being served on at a restaurant, but it’s always good to get some fresh air. There’s also no time limit when it comes to having to end your date, and so you can spend hours in each other’s company if the date is going well! Boston Datenight

Go To The Beach

Just because COVID-19 has limited us to what we can do and what we would usually deem as normal, doesn’t mean we have to miss out. It’s this time of year that everyone would usually be out and taking advantage of the weather. As a date night idea, it might be a good suggestion to go to the beach and even create yourself a small fire if you’re feeling adventurous. Whether you decide to go for an evening swim together or make some smores, chilling out on the beach is certainly a lot of fun. It’s also usually a romantic setting for any date, whether it’s a first one or you’re going with your partner of five years.

The beach is definitely going to be a popular spot for a lot of people who are also doing their best to socially distance during this time. Be wary of how many are on the beach already and try to pick a time where there’s likely to be less. It’s something that’s probably worth doing during the weeknights, rather than on the weekend.

Do A Movie Night Outdoors

Do you have space outside your home, or perhaps your partner’s home? Movie nights are a great way to enjoy the summer evenings but to also do a little socially-distanced hanging out. It can be hard to continue dating someone when you don’t live with them, and so it’s good to try and take advantage of what you have available to you. If you can’t do this together, then you could always set up a skype or facetime and watch the same movie together. However, if you’re able to reunite at a distance, then you could set up a laptop or a screen and projector. Make some snacks and get some blankets so that you can keep yourselves warm as it gets cooler. Boston Datenight

Go For A Walk And Explore The Sights

It’s a very simple date night idea but one that can be a great way of getting out and enjoying the Boston area. If you’re new to the area or simply haven’t gotten out to enjoy the many sights that this city has to offer, then why not go for a walk? Make a list of places you’d like to see, whether it’s a particular favorite of yours or something that you’ve always wanted to explore. We can tend to underappreciate the areas in which we live in and so it’s good to connect with your local area. As businesses will start to reopen, it’s important to help our local economies, so exploring new parts of the city might be useful for future date nights to come. Once you’ve explored, you can always take a Boston Black Car Service back home to rest your weary feet.

Get Creative & Paint 

Painting can be a great way of getting creative, and as it sometimes can be messy, it’s also a perfect excuse for getting outdoors. With so many beautiful areas to sketch or paint, why not do something different for your next date night? You don’t have to be Picasso when it comes to your talent but invest in a canvas, some paintbrushes and paint. Find a location that you and your partner or date would enjoy and start drawing or painting what you see in front of you. Take a few snacks with you and perhaps a tipple if you want to loosen up that creative flair of yours. Make sure you make a note of some of the top sights around Boston, and you could always carry this on as a date night idea beyond COVID-19’s current restrictions.

Once you’ve painted your creation, you could gift it to your partner or date as a way of remembering it further down the line.

Push The Boat Out

If you really fancy something special then pushing the boat out literally by renting one might be a good idea. It could be a special anniversary date night, or perhaps you simply want to do something extra special. The Boston Harbor is a popular spot to go sailing and to take a boat out, which is something you could easily hire. There’s plenty of services that offer this but expect to pay a small fortune. It can be a great way to treat your partner to something special. Being able to get out at sea can also be a refreshing change to being in the city. As lockdown rolled on, a lot of us weren’t able to go anywhere beyond the city anyway. A boat ride might be a welcome change and certainly an opportunity to indulge for you and your partner.

It’s important to make time for your love life, regardless of your relationship status, so use these ideas and do a date night regularly!

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