“Safety, Luxury Comfort, Timely Service, and Hospitality.”

Company & Culture

Our chauffeur-driven limousine service is based in Massachusetts. Camargo Chauffeur was created by Marcos V. Novais De Camargo in which he started with only one vehicle and his hospitable service skill. Despite being a newcomer to the overly saturated market as the limousine industry. Camargo Chauffeur is capable to differentiate from its competitors by genuinely catering to its client’s necessities. Therefore the essence of Camargo Chauffeur is hospitality.

In a world of automation and corporate consolidation, service has become stagnate. Paying clients have become no more than numbers in the register. Therefore, Marcos believed that the first step to creating a successful service-based business he needed to focus on 4 ingredients these are, “safety, comfort, timely service, & hospitality.” These four elements have become the primordial essence of what Camargo Chauffeur has come to signify to our clients.

“Fancy vehicles and size of a fleet is nothing but superficial things if you cannot deliver what clients are looking for when hiring a luxury chauffeur service.” – Marcos V. Novais De Camargo

Therefore, our pride in this limousine company is to hold ourselves to the highest of hospitable standards and provide an everlasting memorable experience for every individual client as Marcos attended it to be and wishes it to continue.

Marcos V. Novais De Camargo

Marcos V. Novais De Camargo


Marcos owner of Camargo Chauffeur has always been in the hospitality industry since his first job at an earlier age. His first exposure to the hospitality industry is in a restaurant. The second exposure was volunteering at the hospital and providing patients with books to read and have a friendly conversation with them. The third exposure was working in a hotel where he learned to sharpen his hospitable skillset. In the hotel, Marcos learned many different jobs, which include being a driver, concierge, and even a guest representative and in each job title, Marcos took a gold nugget in which he took with him to start Camargo Chauffeur.

Marcos is a caring and respectable person that any family, friend, and client will stand by this statement. It won’t matter who you are and what your background is Marcos will always look at the best of people until proven otherwise. Being such an honest and caring individual Marcos has brought his personality into what we now see as Camargo Chauffeur. In taking the embodiment of Marcos’ personality, Camargo Chauffeur has exponentially grown even in a saturated market like the limousine industry.

Here are some words in regards to what luxury is and what he aspires his company to be.

“Luxury is created through experience and genuine care and not superficial objects. The perfect example is my favorite company in the hospitality industry, the Ritz-Carlton brand. Through the qualms and charms of life, its brand has outlived its’ founder and even survived both an economic crisis and changes in the modern era. Most people would ask why, unless they had the first-hand experience of what Ritz-Carlton really delivers. What is it that they deliver you ask, it is the genuine care each and every staff of the Ritz-Carlton delivers to each an every guest that comes to stay at the Ritz-Carlton. Doing so has made the Ritz-Carlton a trusted company among their guests and made itself a beacon of luxury all of these years. Having said that, I will always hold Camargo Chauffeur to the same kind of hospitable magnitude and desire it to become as distinguishable as the Ritz-Carlton brand, but in the limousine industry.” – Marcos V. Novais De Camargo

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