Car Service in Boston

Navigating the busy streets of Boston can be a real challenge, and if you’re not up to that challenge, it can actually become a minor nightmare. To avoid all the stress of finding your way around our awesome city, you should just leave the driving to professionals who have the right temperament and all the necessary skills to successfully and safely transport you wherever you need to go.

At Camargo Chauffeur, we have a number of highly trained and very courteous drivers who are always ready to work on your behalf to ensure that you arrive at your destination safely, and in a relaxed state of mind. Let our car service in Boston take the stress out of navigating around the greater Boston area, so you can focus on more important matters you may be dealing with. Below are some of the services we specialize in, and there are even more than these, so please do contact us if you need any kind of professional Boston car service.

Logan Airport Transportation 

One of the services which we commonly provide to clients is our business-class chauffeur service to Logan International Airport. Logan International is the busiest airport in the entire Northeast outside of the New York City area, and that can make it a hassle getting in or out of the complex. Fortunately, our chauffeurs have just the right amount of professional patience and experience at navigating around this busy area, and can easily transport you to the airport, or away from it on your way back home. Situated in East Boston, this air hub has more traffic than any other airport in the state by far, and that’s one great reason for you to leave the driving to the professionals, so you can concentrate on your important business issues.

Hospital Transportation 

When you need to get to a hospital in a hurry, you don’t want to be dealing with traffic along the way, especially if there is any urgency attached to your need for medical service. Camargo Chauffeur can provide you with expert chauffeur service to any of the largest medical establishments in the area, including Massachusetts General Hospital, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, or Boston Children’s Hospital. Even if you’re not close to one of these, and would be better served by a smaller hospital, we can get you there in the fastest, safest way possible, so you don’t have to be concerned with traffic and safety while your mind is on a medical situation. 

Corporate Transportation 

You simply couldn’t arrange for more efficient, more useful car service in Boston than what you’ll get from Camargo Chauffeur. Whether it’s after a long flight or on your way to an important business seminar, you can continue working on the way by using our WiFi connectivity, so you be productive even while in transit. We can also arrange for your transportation to speaking events, fundraisers, or any other kind of corporate events. We have a great deal of experience in chauffeuring high-profile clients, so we’ll have no trouble providing expert transportation for rock stars, world leaders, or renowned television personalities. When discretion is necessary for such high-profile clients, you can count on Camargo Chauffeur to observe the utmost professionalism and discretion in the performance of our duties. Corporations which use repeat service can establish an account with us to make travel even more convenient and hassle-free. You would then have round-the-clock access to this account, so you can monitor your billing and services provided at any time.

Out-of-State Transportation 

There are probably quite a few times that you might need professional transportation outside the Boston area, and where you would prefer to leave the driving to the professionals. We can handle any out-of-state transportation needs you might have, as well as any local needs. For instance, you might have a business need to travel to New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, or even some state further off, and we can get you there in a safe and comfortable manner. For longer excursions like this, your comfort becomes very important, and we can set you up with transportation that will be so comfortable, you might actually sleep through much of the journey. You can also be productive while you’re traveling, by hooking up to our complimentary WiFi service, so you can access your business data and anything else you might need online.

Car Service in Boston

Private Sightseeing Service 

We don’t just cater to businesses and corporations at Camargo Chauffeur, because we also provide a private sightseeing service for anyone who is interested in visiting the many sites of interest in the area. Of course, you might have an important visiting businessman whom you’d like to show off the Boston attractions to, but non-business citizens are certainly just as welcome to use our sightseeing services. We can ensure that you see all the important sights in Colonial Boston, witch-hunting Salem, or Revolutionary Lexington and Concord, or we can provide day trips to Plymouth, Cape Cod, Gloucester, Rockport, or Newport, Rhode Island. If you’d like to take a chauffeured shopping trip, we offer transportation to and from Burlington Mall, Wrentham Premium Outlet, Prudential Mall, Kittery Outlet, and Assembly Row. All of these Boston car services have one goal in mind: to provide you with world-class transportation, so you can enjoy your sightseeing or shopping and leave all the hassles of driving behind.

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