Camargo Chauffeur Assisting Those In Need During State Shutdown.

(If you know any senior citizen or someone who will need help going for pharmacy and grocery runs have them contact Camargo Chauffeur at +1 (781)-799-5488 and we will help them during these difficult times.)

Dear clients,

I am reaching out to you as Owner of Camargo Chauffeur Service, LLC. during these escalating circumstances that are affecting not only our nation and state, but worldwide. Luckily, our leaders, first responders, and medical personnel are working hard every day to combat this virus commonly known as COVID-19. I am here to say that we need to do our part as well to help support this effort. Having said that, I would also like to share with you on how Camargo Chauffeur will support these efforts since transportation has been deemed essential to continue the support in fighting this epidemic and continue our economy rolling.

First, I would like to say the health and safety of our passengers and chauffeurs is our top priority. As questions and concerns arise as a result of COVID-19, we have taken several precautions to provide the highest level of protection for our customers and chauffeurs alike in recommended guidance, by Gov. Baker, CDC, and the World Health Organization. The chauffeur service industry is an industry that intimately and personally serves many clients daily, so, Camargo Chauffeur must be very cautious about the measures that can help protect the health and safety of our passengers and chauffeurs.

Now, secondly, I would like to tell you all how Camargo Chauffeur will support this effort on continuing this crazy world of our spinning. As many of you know, many states have issued mandates that citizens of that state must shelter in their homes. In Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker, has decreed that shelter in their home will not be necessary, but if people that are not working in an essential job that will help prevent the spread of the virus keep going outside for unnecessary interaction with others this will not the efforts of combating this epidemic; for more on this visit All politics aside, Camargo Chauffeur has decided that we will be reaching out to Senior Assistant Living places and sending out this message to all our clients to let them know that Camargo Chauffeur will now be using our limousine service to assist our clients and senior citizens that cannot leave their homes, require help to visit their medical appointments or go for a grocery and pharmacy store runs to shop for essential items during these challenging times. We recommend that all clients should call our chauffeur service in advance to plan on have one of our chauffeurs assist them with their grocery runs, pharmacy runs, and medical appointment runs. If you live in Boston and fall into Downtown Boston, North End, Back Bay, South End, Seaport, West End, Fenway/Kenmore, South Boston, and East Boston we recommend you purchase our limousine flat-rate monthly package to save you money by calling us and if you live outside of Boston please call us at +1 (781)-799-5488 to talk to us so Camargo Chauffeur can find out where you are living and set up a deal to help you or your loved ones from coming into contact with others and we can help the fight against COVID-19 by reducing the amount of people that are visiting stores.

Lastly, if you know any seniors or someone who will need help going for pharmacy and grocery runs have them contact Camargo Chauffeur at +1 (781)-799-5488 and we will help them during these difficult times.

To this end, Camargo Chauffeur, recommends that everyone take the following steps when making a reservation with us for the safety of yourselves and our company:

  • Conduct a thorough cleaning of your hands before entering the vehicle with hand sanitizer. If you need some our chauffeurs can provide you with some hand sanitizer.
  • Please cough or sneeze into the inside of your folded arm covering your mouth and nose and away from anyone else. If you require to open a window, please do so at your own will.
  • PLEASE and again please, do not book a reservation knowing either yourself, any other passenger that you booked for is sick. It doesn’t matter whether it is COVID-19 or not. If it can be passed over to someone else JUST STAY HOME OR CALL YOUR DOCTOR. This is the best way to fight any illness and remember this isn’t just about you but everyone you come into contact.
  • Limit all physical contact or materials sharing between yourself and chauffeur whenever possible.
  • Encourage anyone to see a doctor immediately if they feel unwell.

Taking these precautions is a way we can help the cause and stop the spread of any illness! We appreciate your understanding and Camargo Chauffeur is dedicated to provide you with the highest level of chauffeur service that you have come to expect from our limousine service during these years and we will not let these troubling times ruin that effort. We wish you the best of health to yourselves and family and look forward to serving you again soon! Please visit for official ways to keep yourself safe or, thank you.

Marcos V. Novais De Camargo
Owner, Camargo Chauffeur Service, LLC.
Contact: +1 (781)-799-5488
FB & IG: @Camargochauffeur

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