Limo service to Xfinity Center

The Xfinity Center can seat nearly 20,000 patrons, and is located in Mansfield, Massachusetts, which is approximately 33 miles from Downtown Boston. The facility was opened in 1986, and has undergone at least one upgrade since that time, expanding its seating capacity from the original 12,000.

Limo to Xfinity Center cost

To pay for chauffeur service to the Xfinity Center, it will cost you around  $250 to $350, with the actual cost being dependent upon your distance from the facility. It’s a little further away from Boston than some other facilities, so if you live in Boston, expect to pay a little more of a premium.

Limo to Xfinity Center for concerts

Xfinity Center often attracts some of the biggest talent on tour, and this will be true for the next couple seasons. On July 29th of 2020, legendary rockers The Pretenders will play the venue, accompanied by Journey. This is a concert you won’t want to miss, and when you arrive in style via a limo, everyone will start wondering if you’re someone important.

Limo to Xfinity Center for The Lumineers

The Lumineers will be performing at Xfinity Center on June 12th of 2020, and this might be your only chance to see the renowned American folk-rock artists. Take in their show in style, after arriving in your chauffered limousine, and leave the arena in the same kind of high-class way, being driven by your Camargo Chauffeur.

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