There are a great many situations where non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) is needed by individuals, who are not suffering from any immediate medical condition, but who require transportation to a healthcare facility. This type of transportation is very inexpensive, when compared to the high cost of healthcare itself, and that makes it a very cost-effective part of preventive care, which can prevent or delay the possibility of a serious health condition.

Studies have shown conclusively that by increasing transportation for medical services, it can result in significant savings, as opposed to delaying treatment which might lead to more serious health problems. Some of the most common users of non-emergency medical transportation are elderly individuals who have disabilities, as well as other disadvantaged populations throughout the country.

By making use of non-emergency medical transportation, transport barriers are eliminated, medical appointments don’t have to be missed or delayed, the impact of chronic disease can be reduced, the cost of inpatient medical treatment is lowered, and there are substantial savings on healthcare funding. 

An extensive analysis was conducted in 2005 by the Transportation Research Board, and findings revealed that approximately four million Americans were forced to miss or delay medical treatment because they had no transportation to their healthcare facility. Non-emergency medical transportation services amount to less than 1% of all healthcare spending, while at the same time providing consistent transportation to recipients of healthcare, and improving the outcomes for all patients involved. 

Non-emergency medical transportation  by Camargo Chauffeur

You might think of Camargo Chauffeur of the New England area as a firm which primarily delivers corporate transportation and event transportation to some of the exciting venues and activities around the region. However, our company also provides non-emergency medical transportation to individuals who require it, to help them keep their appointments and receive the treatment they require. If anyone you know requires non-emergency medical transportation, by all means contact us so that we can arrange for that transportation promptly.

If the nature of the transportation is such that a longer trip is involved, our vehicles are ideal for the purpose, because they can keep patients very comfortable and relaxed during the journey. Some of the situations where we been called upon in the past to provide non-emergency medical transportation include trips to the pharmacy or to a site for physical therapy.

We’ve also been called upon to help patients keep cosmetic procedure appointments, dental and eye appointments, doctor appointments or hospital discharges, various types of outpatient procedures and surgeries, colonoscopy and endoscopy procedures, chemotherapy sessions, and dialysis procedures. For all of these applications, patients we transport can be delivered to the required venues in comfort, so they aren’t agitated in any way before undergoing whatever procedure has been scheduled.

Frequent users of Non-emergency medical transportation

Back when the Medicaid program was originally established, the federal government determined that the entire program would be at risk and would be serious challenged, if individuals could not actually be transported to and from regularly scheduled appointments. As a result, a great many states have actually adopted programs which help these individuals keep their appointments so they can receive the treatment they require.

The entire Medicaid population is affected by this situation, and they are one of the biggest users of non-emergency medical transportation. According to federal guidelines, individuals making use of NEMT are entitled to use the same mode of transportation they would avail themselves of in their normal daily lives. This can either be public transit or it can be a personal vehicle, and in more serious or urgent cases, it can also include other vehicles.

The cost of providing transportation to individuals who legitimately need it will be covered by the Medicaid program, provided that the transportation has been approved prior to its usage. The only exception to this is in the case of emergency ambulance transportation, and this is to be expected, since it actually falls outside the area of non-emergency medical transportation.

Non-emergency medical transportation during the COVID-19 crisis

Non-emergency medical transportation is safe for patients, even in the midst of the present coronavirus which plagues the country. Providers offering NEMT have all implemented guidelines recommended by various health agencies, so the service can be delivered safely and both patients and drivers can maintain good health practices. Anyone availing themselves of NEMT in the New England area, can expect that Camargo Chauffeur drivers will be faithfully following all recommended guidelines in order to ensure that no patient can have the disease passed on to them.

All drivers will practice social distancing protocol, maintaining at least six feet of distance between themselves and patients. Drivers will also wash their hands as frequently as possible for 20 seconds, using soap and water or an alcohol-based sanitizer which includes at least 60% alcohol, when soap and water is not readily available. Workers have been instructed to avoid touching their eyes, nose, and mouth, so they don’t unintentionally allow entrance of the disease into their bodies.

Vehicles are equipped with compartments so that driver and passenger can remain isolated, and that dividers can be used to good effect to maintain isolation. Ventilation fans are also turned on in non-circulation mode, so as to maximize the intake of outside air and minimize circulation of interior air. Other than the case of minors or special needs patients, other individuals are not permitted in the passenger area of the vehicle, so that only patients themselves are transported, and any possibility of disease transmission can be minimized.

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