​Billing Info –

All Billing is processed by Square Up company to the customer’s credit card and customer account is also held by Square. We accept all major credit cards – American Express, Discover Card, Master Card and Visa​ to make it easier for our clients to process and keep track of their billing info. Camargo Chauffeur Service, LLC. does hold client’s credit card on file while services are being rendered. After service is completed and payment of the service is complete the individual or company that is the rightful owner of the credit credit may request for the payment method to be removed from their profile, but only after payment is finalized. The only currency Camargo Chauffeur accepts is U.S.A. based currency.

Credit Cards provided to Camargo Chauffeur Service, LLC. by the client with full understanding they are giving permission for the company to charge any rendered services by the client while using Camargo Chauffeur service, LLC. The client fully understands that providing a credit card that is not their own or given permission to use it could be charged with “Fraud”.

I understand and acknowledge that I will be charged a fee of $65.00 or 50% of the estimated fare whichever is greater should I miss my reservation or cancel my reservation one (1) hour or less prior to the scheduled pick up time. I further understand and acknowledge that my delayed arrival to a scheduled reservation could increase the estimated fare. ​

We pride on paying our chauffeurs the correct way. Any tips given to our chauffeurs will be at your own discretion based on your own belief that our chauffeurs has gone the extract mile to earn extra gratitude. Our only request is that you show all of our chauffeurs respect for these ladies and gentlemen are all professional at their jobs to provide you with the best quality service.​

The only extra fees the client will see on their bill will be – Toll Fees, Parking Fee ( if client is attending an event and requests that the chauffeur wait for them or if the client is attending an event at Gillette stadium or any other stadium events this fee will be charged), Airport Fees, Tax, Wait-Time, and Airport Greeter Fees (Greeter fee will only be charged if requested by the client previously to arriving at the airport. For greeters can only be booked while booking an airport pick-up).

All rates are subject to change based on the transportation and clients needs.

All Chauffeur appointments booked on New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve or Christmas Day will not be subjected to a holiday surcharge. During the holidays the last thing you need to be worrying about is your transportation cost.

Appointment arrival Time –

We will arrive 10 minutes prior to all scheduled pickups at no additional charge. We understand you might want to leave earlier or things might come up so, this helps both the chauffeur and client to stay in schedule.

For Airport pick-up our chauffeurs arrive 45 minutes to 1 hour prior to all airport appointments no additional charge.

Privacy – “We take the privacy of our clients seriously.”

We provide privacy to all our clients. No one other than Camargo Chauffeur Staff member, Chauffeur, and Clients being driven at the time of service that is being rendered is allowed to enter or look into the vehicles.

All conversations the client is having within the vehicle is to remain within the vehicle unless it is incriminating or disrespectful towards our Chauffeurs.

When using Camargo Chauffeur the client understands all of these rules. If there is a problem with these rules the client must address it before service is rendered.

“Wait time rules for flat rate special, events, and out of state roadshows.”

Arrival on domestic flights will have thirty (30 minutes) grace period from the airlines recorded arrival at the gate. After we will add $15.00 to the clients bill itemized as “wait- time”

Arrival on international flights will have (1 hour) grace period from the airlines recorded arrival at the gate. After if the client has not found their chauffeur we will add $15.00 to the clients bill itemized as “wait-time”

General Waiting – All hourly rate service we start charging soon as the service time of pick is on. Chauffeur will always arrive 10 minutes prior of pick-up time, but client’s bill will not start until the actual pick-up time. For example, if you request a pick-up time of 7:15 A.M. a chauffeur will be there at 7:05 A.M. at no extra charge, but once it hits 7:15 A.M. your hourly bill will start.

Wait time on Flat Rate service going “to airport” will continue as hourly rate if client expires their hour flat rate window.

Concert and Events Wait time – Wait time will continue as hourly rate unless on a flat rate.

Out Of State Wait Time – Wait time will continue as hourly rate.

Greeter –

​Airport greeter are available at an additional charge.

Stadium Pick-Up rules –

Any Stadium event will be charged a parking. Fenway Park and TD Garden will not be charged a parking fee. There will be a designated drop off/pick-up area.​

Child Seat rules/ Seat Belt rule – (We follow all Safety laws there is no exceptions “SAFETY FIRST” 😉

Child Seat will be provided at no additional cost but, we do require a notification while booking a service. All Children under 8 years of age or height less than 57 inches (4.75 Ft.) must be in a child seat there is not exceptions. Service will not be rendered and you will be charge for half of the fare total. We care very much for our clients and their family so do not make exceptions for this rules.

According with State of Massachusetts and United States Federal laws, parents and guardians of children are responsible for installing and making sure child safety seats properly installed. Camargo Chauffeur will not be responsible for any neglect by the parents or guardians of the children to be properly secure in their seat.

According with the Seat Belt law everyone must be wearing a seat belt at all times. Neglect to follow these rules officers are allowed to ticket $25.00 per person in vehicle for not wearing a seat belt.​

Rules of Conduct:

1. There is no smoking within the vehicle. If the client desires to pull over when it is safe to do so he/she could ask their chauffeur. If client smokes within the vehicle there will be a charge of $500.00 to their credit card. This rule is so our vehicle can stay clean for all of clients.

2. Damages to the vehicle for example, major spills that damage the interior or damage to the vehicle caused by the passengers will result in fees being charged directly to the credit card on file for the trip. Cleaning fees will be charge $150.00 and damages to the vehicle itself will be charged based on the damages recorded. We charge these fees to protect our vehicle for when there is damages we cannot use the vehicle to service clients
and we have to put the vehicle out of service until problem is resolved.

3. There is no drinking alcoholic beverages or open alcoholic beverages permitted in Camargo Chauffeur Vehicle unless there is a divided between client and chauffeur. If the Chauffeur notices this rule being broken he/she has the full backing of the company to end the transportation service and contact the company about the misconduct of client. It is State Law.

4. As we mentioned earlier and will do so again. We request that the client shows respect towards our chauffeur for these ladies and gentlemen are all professionals at their job and are always looking to provide you with the best quality service you will find.​

5. Seat Belt as we mention earlier must be used always it is state law.






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