If you’re looking for a top-rated private car service in Boston, then you’ve come to the right place! At Camargo Chauffeur Private Car Service Boston we take pride in the fact that we have been rated as one of the best private car services in Boston, MA and surrounding areas. We offer private car service to and from Logan Airport, as well as to and from all major hotels located in downtown Boston, Cambridge, Newton, Brookline, Somerville and Medford Massachusetts.

1) What is a Private Car Service?

Most people have heard of taxis and shuttle buses, but a growing trend is private transportation. People who need a ride may call a private car service if they don’t want to wait for a scheduled bus or taxi. A private car service is also known as an airport limo or even as an executive sedan. As their names suggest, these vehicles are designed for special events or occasions where luxury is desired by passengers. Many times private cars are referred to as black cars because most sport black paint jobs or some other dark color scheme on them. When making your reservation with a private car service, you will typically provide your pick-up location and destination address. The company will dispatch one of its vehicles that can be there within ten minutes after receiving your call; often times it’s less than five minutes. Some companies offer door-to-door services while others simply drop off at airports or busy city centers like town squares or shopping districts. Private cars usually hold between four and eight passengers although larger ones can accommodate up to 10 persons on board.

2) How it works

Our professional chauffeurs are experts at navigating Boston’s busy streets. Before your trip begins, simply call us or submit an online request. We’ll send one of our skilled drivers to pick you up wherever you are and take you where you need to go–at any time of day or night. Our service area includes major cities all over New England including Worcester, Framingham, Fall River and Westport.

3) Why should I use private cars?

Private cars are also helpful when trying to visit smaller towns and cities. A lot of public transportation systems stop running hours before most people get off work; if your meeting isn’t until 5pm, that may mean you need to find an alternative way of getting there. With private cars in Boston and surrounding areas, there’s no reason for you not to arrive on time and in style. The same goes for traveling with children; private car services allow parents to make sure their little ones get home safely without having to leave them at daycare late into evenings. Once again, public transportation just doesn’t cut it when families are involved!

4) Private car service for medical appointments 

Many people are turning to private car services for medical appointments. This has both health and financial benefits over driving oneself or taking public transportation. Our drivers are experienced professionals who can also provide assistance with your mobility equipment if needed. Let us handle all of your transportation needs so that you can focus on recovering from surgery or visiting loved ones during an illness.

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