If you’ve been considering enrolling one or more of your children in a private school, you’re certainly not alone. There are nearly 35,000 private schools in this country, and they serve almost six million students from Pre-K through Grade 12. Private schools provide education for approximately 10% of all children in the U.S., and the schools themselves account for a full 25% of all the schools in this country. Apart from the financial considerations of enrolling your child in a private school, you’ve probably wondered how you would manage transportation to and from school. Many private schools do not provide any kind of transportation at all, which shifts the burden to parents. 

We have an affordable and extremely effective solution to this problem, if you happen to live anywhere in the area around Boston, MA. At Camargo Chauffeur, we provide private school transportation every day for students in the greater Boston area, so they can have a reliable method of getting to school on time every day, and for getting back home afterward in a timely fashion. And you can always count on receiving thoroughly professional service from our trained drivers, so that you won’t have to worry about the safety or comfort of your children. 

School buses can be pretty chaotic at times, and you never quite know what might happen going back and forth from school. If you’d like to avoid all that chaos, and feel comfortable that your child is being well taken care of, the way to go is to arrange for private school transportation. There will never be any disagreements or confrontations on our vehicles, and your child will never have to worry about interactions with other school children. He/She will be safe and secure in our chauffered vehicle, and can even use the time productively while being transported back and forth.

Facts about private schools 

Private schools are independent organizations, and that means they have no obligation to provide transportation to students. It’s also true that parents choose private schools generally on the basis of the curriculum they provide and the quality of education which is delivered to students. Choosing a private school on the basis of proximity to where the student lives is not really one of the main criteria for selecting a private school. That means it is entirely possible that a student could be located quite a distance from the private school, and busing would not really be a viable option anyway. That in turn, means it is more likely than not that private transportation will have to be arranged for students, in order to safely get back and forth from the chosen school. 

For most public schools, the average commute time to school and back is 18 minutes, but you can count on the average commute time to a private school being far longer than that. This means that there is no really convenient way of providing transportation for your child to any given private school, unless you arrange for private transportation each day. This is where Camargo Chauffeur comes in, because we can provide safe and comfortable transportation for your student, every single day for which transportation is needed. We can also provide a ride whenever there are special events being held at school, which your child desires to attend. 

A word about Camargo Chauffeur 

When you’re considering any kind of transportation for your child, probably the factors which are uppermost in your mind are safety and comfort. Camargo Chauffeur has earned a reputation for being one of the safest transportation services in the greater Boston area, and this reputation has been earned after many years of spotless service from our dedicated drivers. The most courteous and professional drivers are the only type we hire at Camargo Chauffeur, and they operate vehicles which include luxury limousines, sedans, and SUV’s, so your child can arrive in style and comfort after the commute from home.

Our drivers are also extremely familiar with the Boston area, so you won’t have to worry about them getting lost or going the wrong way somewhere. When your child rides with one of our experienced drivers, they can be free of all stress and worry, and can be free to review their studies during the trip. There is simply no better way to transport your child back and forth to the private school of your choice.

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