At Camargo Chauffeur, we offer more than corporate transportation, airport transportation, and pleasure transportation around the New England area – we also provide medical transport for our clients. When a medical situation arises where someone you know requires comfortable transportation to or from a hospital or medical facility, we can arrange that for you promptly. This might especially come into play on a somewhat longer trip, where it becomes really important to keep someone comfortable while in transit for medical care. Here are some of the specific services we can provide for you, whenever you may have need of them.

Outpatient surgical/procedure 

When you have to undergo some kind of surgery or other medical procedure on an outpatient basis, you may not be capable of driving yourself to and from the medical facility where it will take place. Having to deal with the medical procedure is enough all by itself, and you shouldn’t have to worry about being clear enough to focus on having to manage your own transportation. In some cases, you might also be medicated or sedated to some extent during the procedure, so you are physically incapable of handling any kind of driving. To keep your mind clear and prepare for your important outpatient procedure, contact us at Camargo Chauffeur so we can remove transportation as one of the details you need to be concerned with.

Doctor appointments, Hospital Discharge 

Not everyone has relatives or friends who can be counted upon to provide medical transport when it’s necessary to keep a doctor’s appointment, and these are events which might be very important for your continuing good health. If you’d like to ride in style and comfort to keep your next doctor appointment, we can provide you with a smooth and comfortable ride, and a courteous and skilled chauffeur to get you there on time. When you’re being discharged from the hospital after a stay of some duration, you might be in the mood to mark the occasion with a stylish and triumphant return to your residence. One of our luxury limousines can provide just the right  mode of transport, to welcome you back to your residence and celebrate your release from the hospital.

Dental and eye appointments 

Trips to and from a dental clinic or to your optometrist’s office might well be necessary to maintain good oral health and good vision, so you won’t want to postpone or miss these important appointments. If a family member isn’t available to take you, one of our professional drivers will always be on standby, waiting for your call. Regardless of where the clinic might be in the greater Boston area, or in the surrounding region, we can get you there right on time and in style. In some cases, dental appointments call for the patient to be sedated, so you may not be physically capable of driving home after a procedure, and that’s where we can step in to supply the transportation you’ll need. We can ensure that you’ll have a comfortable ride home while the effects of sedation are wearing off.

Colonoscopy, endoscopy, chemotherapy, dialysis, etc. 

All these procedures call for a patient to be sedated during the process, and that means you just won’t be able to safely navigate your way back home. We can provide transportation for you, so you won’t have to undertake any risky driving on your own, and you can count on being transported in style and comfort to boot. While you might still be a little foggy from the medical procedure, our drivers are always totally alert and fully prepared to manage all traffic situations. When you need to be sure you can get home safely, we are the company you should call for professional transportation.

Cosmetic procedures 

There are a number of doctors in the greater Boston area who offer cosmetic services to help keep you looking younger and more appealing. Wherever your personal cosmetic doctor might be located in the region, we can get you there for any of the sessions required to achieve your final goal. If several sessions are needed and you already know the dates, you can reserve those dates with us so you can count on having expert transportation to and from your doctor’s office. 

Trip to the pharmacy, Physical Therapy

People’s medications can be critical to their health, for instance if the meds are for your heart or any other body organ. When your supply of these critical meds is running low, you simply can’t put off a trip to the pharmacy, and we’ll be glad to get you there and back so you can replenish right away. You might be a patient who requires an ongoing program of physical therapy after an accident or some other medical condition, which means each therapy session can be vital to your recovery. Contact us at Camargo Chauffeur when you need transportation to your pharmacy or to your next physical therapy session.

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